Monday, January 23, 2017

Sekai Project's Fault Week

Fault is a visual novel series created by Doujin Circle, Alice in Dissonance. I’ve only read about an hour into the first episode, but the series seems very intriguing. A Princess’s kingdom is invaded and in order to protect her, the Princess’s guardian teleport them away from danger. Sadly, the pair’s escape was miscalculated and they end up in unknown territory. There’s a deep lore draped behind the story and the characters live in a nicely detailed world. With that said, I’m very interested into diving deeper into this series and now seems like the best time.

Sekai Project is holding Fault Week and shared some pretty cool announcements. First off, the first episode, Fault - Milestone One, is getting a Russian translation that’ll be launched on January 23rd. If you’ve already purchased the visual novel than the translation will be added automatically in an update.

Sekai Project will also be producing a short, bi-weekly web manga called World of Fault. The first issue is up and available to read right now. The manga is lighthearted in tone and focuses on some of the smaller details of the world. The first issue is actually a small language lesson on formal and informal greetings used in the kingdom of Rughzenhaide. The manga is short, well drawn and is a perfect companion to the games themselves.

Finally, the first two episodes will be on sale at 66% off and 50% off respectively. You can pick up the soundtrack and art book at discounted prices as well.

The site for the next game in the series, Silence the Pendant, has gone live. It contains some details on the story as well as character and world information. Fault: Silence the Pendant will be available in June 2017. Like the other games, it’ll be released on Steam.

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