Friday, August 18, 2017

Developer Interview: ImCyan

In my last post, I reviewed a game called Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale. Ever since, the story and unique game play style left an impression on me. 

Thanks to people at AGM Playism, I was able to get in touch with the developer, ImCyan, and ask a few questions about the game. 

What inspired the tale of Yukie?

At first, I thought about making a scenic game about a man walking in a world of snow.

I was focusing on what appeared on the screen, and the theme of revenge against a snow queen came afterwards.

Was it already an existing fairy tale?

I did base the story on an existing tale about a snow queen.

I was drawn to the tragic theme of a man and woman who gradually become further and further apart, and since it fit the aesthetic of the world I wanted to create, I settled on it. 

What sparked your interest in fairy tales and urban legends?

So as I mentioned, the world came first and after settling on the snow queen theme I researched it from there.

Why did you decide to use sound instead of traditional button prompts for the battles?

The hero has a power called "Shingan" where he reacts to a sound with his blade, so I made a game system that could realise that.

How would you describe the genre of Yukie? Would you consider it to be similar to a visual novel?

I think it's a unique system.

I wanted to make a system where the player actively uncovers the story, so it's like a visual novel where you control the character.

I don't know of any other systems where you walk and collect fragments of the story.

Do you plan to localize any of your other games, like the Shikiyoku episodes, for example?

I'd be thrilled to have gamers from around the world play my games, and I would like to work on making games that people can enjoy regardless of origin.

Why did you decide to use RPG Maker to develop your games?

The main reason is that there was no need to learn a lot of programming. 

And I had been using RPG maker from the beginning.

How were you approached to have Yukie localized for other territories? What was your reaction?

I made the request for localization myself. My enthusiasm came across to the publisher, so we made a contract.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to see more of your games in the future!

Thank you very much.

Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale is on sale now for $2.99 though Steam. I feel this is a must play for anyone interested in narrative driven game play. 


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